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What would you do when someone came looking for it?

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Shaking the Tree

Shaking the Tree

Max Strong is starting over. He even has a new name. He’s paid for his past and only wants to live out whatever future he has left in peace and quiet. But Max’s quiet life just got a lot more complicated.

His roommate just came home with a locked briefcase and the police just found a body up in a tree. Someone is looking for that briefcase.

It’s not always good being the new guy in a small town.

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Bottom of the World

Bottom of the World

Max is a wanted man. Again. Only this time he’s innocent. Mostly. Refusing to be the fall guy for the bloody events in Essex, he ran.

Mr. Smith is a man that specializes in discretely taking care of problems. Kate Sanders is a PI that’s going broke and trying to get her dead father’s voice out of her head. Alexei Yushkin is alive but walks with a limp and carries a deep grudge. Carter is just a psycho. Danny is the idiot that crossed Carter.

They all want to find Max.

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Hollow City

Hollow City

Which monster are you?

Max tried to do it the right way. He turned himself in. He tried to get justice for his family. It didn’t work. They came after him and Max knows they will keep coming after him. He will find no peace unless he makes it. It’s time to go home and face his bloody past.

Nobody runs forever.

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