The  Short Version

I write crime fiction, suspense and thriller novels.

Mike Donohue thriller author

The Max Strong series is about a thief and criminal trying to put a lot of tragedy and blood behind him and live a quiet life. It doesn’t go so well. Does it ever? Max needs to figure out if he can really leave his past behind and get free or if he needs to embrace it and maybe destroy whatever is left of himself.

I live outside Boston with my wife, 2 kids and Dashiell Hammett.

Dash is our dog.

The Long Version

I was born in Trenton, New Jersey, but have no recollection of the place. It wasn’t the fumes clouding my memories, we just moved to Rhode Island before I was two. I’m not one of those people that remember their earliest childhood memories or claim to know they wanted to be a writer in their crib. When I was small, I wanted to be Larry Bird or Jim Rice.

I do remember my Mom always reading though she was one of those people that often flipped ahead to read the last chapter of a mystery. I am not one of those people. I’m a rule follower through and through. She also took us to the library a lot. I remember the Hardy Boys. And Penguin Reader Biographies. And Robert Heinlein. And Ray Bradbury. As a proper book nerd, I read a lot of science fiction in my early teens. A lot.

I went to school in Boston, met my wife and moved to the suburbs. I’ve worked as a waiter, a moving man, an ice cream scooper, a management consultant and a web designer.

The Lightning Round

Trivia over board games. Coffee over tea. Coke over Pepsi. The Wire over Law&Order. Stephen King over Dan Brown. Pixar over Dreamworks. Cardio over weight lifting. Manual over automatic transmission. Fiction before non-fiction. Google over Bing. Chocolate more than vanilla. Vegetable over  flower gardening. NY over Chicago-style pizza. The Red Sox over whoever is playing the Yankees.

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