January 14th, 2021

I’m in the middle of editing the fifth Max Strong. Some days editing can feel like slogging through a workout on the treadmill. It can be difficult to motivate and get my butt in the chair. It’s very necessary but hardly the most enjoyable part about being a writer. Willpower alone will not get my in front of my manuscript every day. I’m not that strong.

Instead, I’m only challenging myself with sitting down with it for five minutes a day. No excuse that I can’t find five minutes each day. That’s usually enough as those five minutes often turn into at least an hour, or a chapter done.

Make it so easy you can’t so no!

Ok, let’s get to it.

Here are 3 crime fiction links, 2 quotes, and 1 question for this week:





Two quotes from the venerable Jessica Fletcher this week:

  • “Just as I suspected, When under stress, the English always head for the teapot”
  • “Real drinkers don’t mix Scotch whisky with diet cola”




  • Did you watch Murder, She Wrote? What was your favorite episode? I definitely watched many, many eps with my Mom after The Disney Sunday Night movie ended. Is there any doubt the best episode is Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?


Until next Thursday, happy reading,


Author the Max Strong thriller series


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