January 7th, 2021

And we are back with the first post of crime fiction links and news for the new year. A commitment to keeping this going each week is just one of my 2021 goals.

Let’s get to it.

Here are 3 crime fiction links, 2 quotes, and 1 question for this week:





Two quotes from Australian thriller writer Jane Harper this week:

  • “To look out and see not another soul between you and the horizon could be a strange and disturbing sight.”
  • “Life out here is hard. We all try to get through the best way we can. But trust me, there’s not a single person here who isn’t lying to themselves about something.”




  • What is your favorite Australian crime book? Garry Disher, Peter Temple and Candice Fox jump to mind along with Jane Harper. What do you think?


Until next Thursday, happy reading,


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