Max Strong Series

Crooked Prayers (Max Strong #6)

Ex-con, current fugitive Max Strong is a drifter. Hunted by his past, he lives a life in the shadows. He was just passing through Chepstow, Vermont, but a few days turned into a few months. He’s thinking about settling in when he receives a phone call he never expected from a woman he can barely remember: his mother.
It’s his touchstone in a life full of lies. His parents died in a car crash. That’s what he was always told. It turns out the truth is a little more complicated.
Thirty years ago, a gang of four thieves walked off with over two million dollars. The plan was simple. The information was solid. And it worked. Then the trouble started. By the end of the night, one of them was dead, one was missing, one was in jail, and one got away.
Now, his mother needs help. After years of hiding and a lifetime of secrets, someone has found her and is looking to settle the score. With no one to turn to and no safe place to hide, Max is her only option. Will he put his own freedom, and possibly his life, on the line for a woman he never really knew?


Sometimes secret exist for a reason.