Max Strong Series

The Devil’s Angel (A Max Strong Prequel Novella)

This is Max on the precipice. In 2007, Max is still Michael Sullivan, a young man in Boston working construction. But Michael is no ordinary young man. He has a talent. He can get you anything. He can steal anything. It’s a talent that has brought him to the attention of dangerous people and pushed him deeper into a life of crime.

Growing up on the streets, he never knew another way. You did what you had to do to survive. But now he finally can see a different future. He’s married and will soon be a father. He wants a life for his family far from the dangerous and paranoid Boston underworld. But that world isn’t about to let those special skills go. Not without a fight.

One last job. One chance to escape. One desperate gamble.

It’s not a sin to cheat the devil.  

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