September 30th, 2021

In the writing world, there are two main camps. Plotting and pants-ing. I’ve turned more into a plotter over time. I’ve wasted too many words and ideas on scenes that ultimately didn’t lead anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean I adhere to a strict outline either. In life and writing, I think it’s important to leave room for the unexpected.

Here are 3 crime fiction links, 2 quotes, and 1 question for this week:



Two quotes from Donald Westlake this week:

  • “Whenever things sound easy, it turns out there’s one part you didn’t hear.”
  • “In order to hold your faith intact be sure it’s kept unsullied by fact.”


  • Do you prefer the hard noir of Westlake’s Stark books or the softer comedy of Dortmunder?

Until next Thursday, happy reading,


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